5 healthy habits you should continue post quarantine
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5 Healthy Habits You Should Continue Post Quarantine

As various Countries, Counties and States begin to release lockdown measures and we slowly resume into a “new normal”, take some time to think about the healthy habits you’ve created during quarantine. This time in lockdown has been challenging for all of us as we strayed away from our normal routines and developed new ones. Stick with the healthy habits you’ve created as you begin to transition out of quarantine. Here are 5 healthy habits you should continue post quarantine: 

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Exercise outdoors healthy habits

Exercise (Outdoors)

When quarantine first stated, I was worried and anxious about how I would continue to exercise. After all, I’ve relied on the trusty gym for the past six years! It was a lot of trial and error to find out what worked for me best, and I’m considering not continuing my membership after the gym opens. That’s something I’d never thought I would say! I have been LOVING home-workouts, specifically from Sydney Cummings and Pamela Reif. Not only do these gals provide me with a killer workout, but motivation and inspiration too!

One of my favorite activities has been going on walks, especially post-dinner walks. The fresh air and moving your body leaves me feeling refreshed and I always have a better night’s sleep. I’m looking forward to the sunshine to continue outdoor summer activities such as biking, hiking, and possibly some water sports. Take it from me, you don’t need a gym membership if you’re looking to tone up or lose weight! If you can, purchase a couple of weights and resistance bands to help you reach your goals and shape your body. 

manage you finances

Managing Finances 

During quarantine, I reviewed my finances and I realized how much unnecessary spending I was doing. From overspending money on clothes, weekend excursions, and eating out, it seemed I was uncontrollably spending. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be out and about, I enjoy shopping (maybe a little too much), I love to travel, and I believe everyone should spend their money as they wish. However, you don’t realize how much you spend until you’re forced to save.

I have developed finance managing skills and I am aware of where and how my money is being spent. I have found a greater appreciation for going out for a meal or buying a new piece of clothing. Lastly, I realized what I could live without and where I could save to work harder towards my goals. For me, it’s getting my nails done, buying clothes and eating out. Of course, I will continue to enjoy these things, but in moderation!

Home cooked meals healthy habits

Home Cooked Meals

Talk about managing finances again! Home-cooked meals are the perfect way to help with money management – it’s more cost-effective to buy the ingredients and home cook a meal that will last you a few days than it is to eat out. Most importantly, sharing a home-cooked meal with family/friends is the best way to connect and create the best memories. Plus, learning a new recipe or new cultural foods will expand your palate and score a few brownie points with your guests. 

Perhaps you don’t believe you’re skilled in cooking, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Invest in a cookbook or try some youtube tutorials! Here are some of my favorites that include healthy, but delicious recipes:

New hobbies

New Hobbies

What have you discovered during self-isolation? Perhaps you’ve been learning a new language, started a new project, perfecting your photography skills, scrapbooking, or painting! Whichever hobby you’ve decided to pick up, don’t stop when quarantine ends! The possibilities are endless for you to discover a new hobby and find something you’re passionate about. Get out there and let your creativity flow! You would be surprised as to how much you’re capable of. I started a blog and I am working on improving my photography skills! This blog has been my pride and soul for the past couple of months and I am blessed to be able to connect with you all through my thoughts and stories. If you are blog curious, now is the perfect time to start a blog!

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The power of self-reflection is immense and impacts our clarity, confidence and consciousness. The three C’s! Clarity allows the opportunity to observe and understand our experiences while consciousness aligns with our self-awareness. Both give us confidence to recognize our strengths and weaknesses, identify areas of improvement, and conquer our day.  

Self-reflection is a different process for each person, try meditating or journaling. For me, I sit in a quiet space and think through all of my thoughts. Make time for yourself to create space for new thoughts and process what is happening in your life and your surroundings. I completely understand that we’re all so busy in life, but if you continue to push it off, you will end up burning out. Once you realize the power of establishing a deeper connection within yourself, the three C’s will come to you! 

All in all, the challenges of quarantine have brought some positive to the healthy habits we were able to create. I’m sure I’ve created a few unhealthy ones as well (let’s not talk about those!). Which healthy habits are you planning on continuing post quarantine?

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