Five Vacation Ideas

Where to Go Next: 5 Vacation Alternatives for 2020

Summer is in full effect and unfortunately, many of our travel plans have been canceled or postponed. However, after all of the craziness, we all deserve a much-needed vacation. Skip the international travel and explore your homeland with these 5 vacation alternatives! 

Glamping or camping as a vacation


Have you ever heard of glamping?! It’s a glamorous version of camping. The big difference between the two is that when go glamping, a sheltered frame such as a Yurt or Tipi is already set up for you! Glamping locations may include additional amenities such as a fridge, a mattress, and a private bathroom. Either way, both traditional camping and glamping are set surrounded by nature and provide you with a relaxing experience. 

As a gal who has never been camping, I recently spent the weekend glamping in a tipi! It was the perfect weekend getaway and introduction to camping. There are plenty of websites such as Glamping Hub, Glamping, and HipCamp dedicated to finding you a glamping accommodation. Also, you can find unique accommodations such as tree houses, cottages, and cabins in special locations all around the world! You can find many of the accommodations listed on Airbnb and Vrbo as well. 

Read about my first trip during the pandemic here.

Wine resorts all over the world

Wine Country Resorts

How come no one told me about Wine Country Resorts earlier? Sign me up please! Wine country getaways make for the perfect girl’s trip! Sip on local wines, stroll through picture-perfect vineyards, experience farm to table dining, and enjoy luxurious spas. When you think of a wine country getaway, you think oh Napa! While California is blessed with many beautiful vineyards, the US is home to stunning wineries. Best of all, wine country resorts exist all over the entire world and you are sure to find one near you! 

I’m breaking down the best ones for you (that won’t break the bank): 



Ski Resorts all over the world

Ski Resorts

There’s just something about strolling through a snowy village with a cup of hot chocolate or sitting by the fire after an adventurous day of winter activities. Unleash your inner thrill-seeker and hit the slopes for a skiing or snowboarding adventure. Cruise on a snowmobile or experience the views by foot as you snowshoe with mountain peaks insight. Skip the winter activities if you’re not much of a skier or snowboarder, and immerse yourself in the surrounding small villages. Buy local goods, try hearty cuisine, read a new book by the fireplace, and recharge for the next day! 

Best of all, you can visit ski resorts in the summer-time as well. During the off-season, you will find tons of hikes, festivals, food vendors, and shopping. It’s less crowded and budget-friendly as well! With nearly six thousand ski resorts around the world, you have plenty to choose from! 

Here are a few standouts:



Lake or beach weekend getaway


Don’t overlook beaches or lakes near you! They make for a fun-filled mini vaca full of your favorite water sports. Try kayaking, surfing, jet skiing, white water rafting, paddleboarding, or one of many other water activities. Slow down and enjoy the nature surrounding you on your own time. Read a book, layout in the sun, catch the sunrise or the sunset, take a morning stroll down the beach, and capture the breathtaking views around you. This is a fantastic trip idea for friends and families, and it’s full of fun-filled adventures for kids too! Rent a cabin nearby for the full experience and get ready to create some new memories! 

Taking a roadtrip anytime of the year

Road Trips

I wholeheartedly believe this is the year of road trips! As travel is indefinitely changing and most people are postponing international travel for the rest of this year, it’s a wonderful opportunity to take a road trip. Road tripping gives you the freedom to stop on your own time and discover hidden gems all around the country. You can include the four above getaways as stops in your road-tripping extravaganza. 

I’m all about local when I travel and taking a road trip allows you to experience local cuisine, boutiques and shops while supporting the community. Always create an itinerary to plan out the major stops you would like to take and leave a little room for an unexpected adventure. Rent an RV or pack your car, and get going! 

Are You Ready for Your Vacation?

Travel is not canceled for the rest of the year, but we must be creative with our planning to ensure we are staying safe and fueling our souls! To cure my travel bug, I’ve taken a few road trips, been glamping, and spent time at a nearby lake. Next on my list: hello to wine resorts (#1) and a ski resort after! Which of these 5 vacation alternatives are you most excited about?

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