Fifth Month Blogging

Fifth Month Blogging Report

My fourth month blogging was my most successful with the highest page views received since I’ve started! While that was an exciting moment for me and I celebrated my accomplishments, this month has been very different. Keep reading to find out below how my fifth month of blogging evolved and hear my thoughts as I touch on the concept of time management and priorities. 

Before I dive into my fifth month of blogging, check out: 

Why am I sharing blogging reports?

First and foremost, I am sharing blogging reports as a way to document my blogging journey. I enjoy looking back at my past reports and witnessing my blogging growth, strategies, and goals. 

The purpose of these blogging reports do not serve as a comparison to other bloggers and their journey. I want to inspire and give you the resources and tools that I’ve discovered to contribute to your blogging journey. 

Lastly, these blog reports keep me accountable! I am motivated each month to reach the goals I set for myself at the end of each blogging report. 

What Did I Do This Month?

That’s a loaded question. You’ll see what I mean in the “what didn’t work” section. All in all, I continued using the strategies as I have in the previous month. One HUGE task I completed this month is… drumroll please: 

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    Most Popular Pins This Month

    What Didn’t Work

    “Time” Management vs. Priorities

    Truthfully, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this blogging report this month. However, it would be unfair to you and myself, as I made a promise to openly share since my first blogging report. So, here it is: 

    Blogging is not my full-time job, although, with the amount of work that needs to go into running a successful blog, it very much equates to that. Recently, my actual full-time job and career has become VERY busy with tons of special projects and lots of work to do. You may be thinking, oh it’s okay, you simply didn’t have time this month. However, I won’t write or allow myself to think I didn’t have the time this past month to work on the blog. 

    To me, there is no such thing as “no time”. I put my time and energy into other priorities that came before the blog, and that’s okay. Also, the reason why this blogging report is up mid-September and not the beginning of the month. I understand that the work and time I put in equates to the success of this blog. So, if you’re in the same shoes as me, blogging or not blogging related, don’t beat yourself up. Continue to prioritize your tasks and you will make it down your list. YOU have all the time you need. 

    As I write this post to you mid-September, I am in the same position and I expect this blogging month to go similarly as the last. Will I continue to share blogging reports? Yes, of course! As I mentioned, I committed five months ago to openly share with you. It’s all a part of the journey – perhaps one-day blogging will become a full-time gig or perhaps I will continue on this path – who knows! The unknown is full of unexpected surprises! 

    Traffic and Metrics

    Views: 1,511

    Visitors: 1,151

    July views: 1,626

    July visitors: 1,004

    Social Media

    Pinterest: 270 followers, 350k monthly views

    Instagram: 326

    Facebook: 87 likes, 93 follows 

    Posts This Month:

    Results from August Goals 

    • Launch email subscription with freebie! – PASS! 
    • 270 Pinterest followers – PASS!
    • 350k monthly Pinterest views – PASS!
    • 100 Facebook likes – FAIL! 
    • 2500 monthly page views – FAIL!

    September REALISTIC Goals: 

    • 1k Pageviews
    • 100 Facebook likes
    • 300 Pinterest Followers

    That’s a wrap on my fifth-month blogging report! I genuinely hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that it resonates with you. Just remember, you have all the time you need. 

    With Love, 


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    Fifth Month Blogging Report

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