Working on Fourth Month Blogging Report

Fourth Month Blogging Report

We are four months into this adventurous blogging journey and I am loving it. In last month’s blogging report, I dove deep into how I tripled my blogging traffic in one month! I continue to grow, both in blog traffic and my knowledge of blogging. Keep reading to find out what I did and what worked for me this month. 

Before I dive into my fourth month of blogging, check out:

Disclaimer – This post contains affiliate links to products that I use and trust. This means I may receive a small commission (at not extra cost to you) if you make a purchase using any of my links below. Thank you for the support!

Why am I sharing blogging reports?

First and foremost, I am sharing blogging reports as a way to document my blogging journey. I enjoy looking back at my past reports and witnessing my blogging growth, strategies, and goals. 

The purpose of these blogging reports do not serve as a comparison to other bloggers and their journey. I want to inspire and give you the resources and tools that I’ve discovered to contribute to your blogging journey. 

Lastly, these blog reports keep me accountable! I am motivated each month to reach the goals I set for myself at the end of each blogging report. 

What Did I Do This Month?


After my trial of Tailwind ended last month, I decided to invest and continue using it monthly. If you’ve read my blogging reports up to now, you know I was using the manually pinning method. I believe this is a great method for blogging beginners as you discover how to create eye-catching pins, SEO optimized descriptions, and familiarize yourself with Pinterest. However, Tailwind is a huge time saver. 

With features such as smart loop, tribes, and optimized posting times, it takes the guesswork out of pinning! An important thing to remember is: Tailwind does not create optimized descriptions and rich pins for you. It’s simply a tool to simplify the posting process and ensure your pins are seen at the best times. 

Many of the blog posts I’ve read on starting a blog suggested signing up for tailwind right away. Either way you choose, there are pros and cons to both. You have to choose which path best suits you. There are no wrongs in blogging, just paving your own path and journey. If you would like to try 30 days of Tailwind for FREE, click here

Most Popular Pins This Month


My Google AdSense application was accepted! I created my display ads and used the Ad Inserter plugin to choose where the ads appear on my blog. This is an additional way to create passive income through the blog and help support myself. 

Also, my Share-A-Sale application was approved – woohoo!! Share-A-Sale is an affiliate marketing program that has thousands of affiliate merchants. You must apply to each merchant separately. Once approved, you can implement your personal affiliate links in your blog to share the products you trust and love. If you are curious, I created a blogging resources page that includes all of the products/services I use for this blog. You can click here or hover over the blogging category and select blogging resources in the drop down menu.


Mid-month I decided to switch from WordPress hosting to Siteground. Let me tell you, it took me three days to successfully switch. That’s three days that my site was down! Let me give you a recap: 

There is so much information out there on how to switch hosting sites. I read numerous blog posts and watched several YouTube videos before deciding I would manually switch. Well, all of my posts and pages transferred to files, but they were not showing on my blog. I spent a lot of time searching for more info and chatting with both WordPress and Siteground, hoping that something would work. To say I was starting to panic is an understatement. 

Eventually, I paid Siteground a fee of $30 and they fixed everything for me in just a couple of hours! Turns out, I did the process correctly but the theme I had previously did not work with Siteground and the HTML code was throwing everything off.

I invested in a premium theme and redesigned my blog. I am loving the new look and have received tons of positive feedback! 

Email Subscription

I promise you . . . I’m on it. I have gathered knowledge from several videos and blog posts on how to use Convertkit, how to set up my first email sequence, how to grow a subscriber list, and so forth. Currently, I am working on a super special freebie for all of my fellow bloggers out there! I would love to give you something in return for subscribing to my email list. Thus, my goal is to complete and launch my email list by the end of this month. Fingers crossed, mid-month! 

What Didn’t Work

Thankfully, I did not experience any major setbacks or specifics that did not work this month. I had a minor setback with the blog being down for three days which affected my overall traffic. However, I find creating new Pinterest pins time-consuming! Currently, I am trying to create a schedule and discover what best works to utilize my time most effectively. Perhaps, I’m going to try picking 1-2 days to create all of my pins for the week. I will give you an update next month on my progress! 

Traffic and Metrics

Views: 1,626

Visitors: 1,004

July Blog Google Analytics - Fourth Month Blogging

June views: 987

June visitors: 465

Social Media

Pinterest: 221 followers, 251k monthly views

Instagram: 321

Facebook: 62 likes, 67 follows 

Posts This Month:

For my fellow bloggers, travel content is thriving right now! Especially, USA travel, road trips, weekend getaways, vacation ideas, and so forth.

Results from July Goals

  • Create an email subscription – I’m going to do it! – Working on it. Almost there I tell you, almost there!
  • Publish 4-5 blog posts PASS! I had the opportunity to post 5 posts, but decided to focus on learning about Convertkit. 
  • 200 Pinterest followers – PASS! 
  • 150k monthly Pinterest views – PASS! I more than doubled my Pinterest views!
  • 50 Facebook likes – PASS!

August Goals 

  • Launch email subscription with freebie! 
  • 270 Pinterest followers
  • 350k monthly Pinterest views
  • 100 Facebook likes
  • 2,500 monthly page views 

That’s a wrap on my fourth-month blogging report! How is your blogging journey progressing? Are you reaching your blogging goals? Do you have any questions?!

Before I let you go, a BIG thank YOU to everyone who reads, shares, and supports my blog. It truly means the WORLD knowing that you enjoy what I post!

With Love, 


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