Glamping 101: Packing Guide, Essentials, & Food

Glamping is where luxury meets camping! You may be wondering what the difference is between camping and glamping? When camping, you bring a tent and all of your amenities to a chosen location often secluded in nature. When glamping, a cozy accommodation is already set up for you. Glamping sites often include electricity, refrigerators, coffee machines, etc. while still enjoying nature. 

True story: I have never been camping. Yes, really, never. I thought the perfect way to break the ice would be to try glamping! Let me tell you, I loved it! So, whether you’re trying to break the ice like me, wanting to try something new, or get out of your comfort zone, give glamping a try! 

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The best place to start is to search for glamping locations! Whether you’re curious about locations near you or you are traveling, there are plenty of websites to assist in finding the perfect glamping location for you! I have discovered Glamping, Glampinghub, and Hipcamp to be the best ones. You can also find unique glamping accommodations on Airbnb, but they may be more difficult to find as filters can be limited. 

On the glamping websites, filter what you are looking for. This includes price, firepit, shower, cooking equipment, and more. You can even filter terrain and nearby activities such as kayaking, swimming, and hiking. Be sure you know what you are looking for to save you time in searching for a glamping location. Lastly, always read reviews before booking! Often the reviews will provide insight on the pros/cons and guests can leave recommendations for your stay. 

Glamping essentials


Our glamping accommodation included a bed, fridge, coffee machine, firepit, and grill. Keep in mind that you may have to bring some of these essentials if they are not included at your glamping site. 

What you absolutely need:

  • Flashlight – bring two!
  • First aid kit
  • Bug spray
  • Axe – to cut firewood
  • Firewood
  • Fire starter
  • Lighter
  • Toilet paper
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Cooler
  • Storage bins – we stored all of our dry goods in one bin with a lid – you don’t want any curious creatures around your site. We used a second bin for bug spray, dish soap, fire starters, etc. The BEST place to buy affordable storage bins is Target!
  • Water bottle – I personally use a Hydroflask
  • Camping chairs 
  • Backpack – I have had this backpack for YEARS and it still looks brand new! I used my backpack to pack all of my clothes and for hiking purposes. 
  • Cast iron pot + pan
  • Plates
  • Glasses
  • Utensils

It’s your choice if you would like to use paper, plastic or bring dishes. We brought a cast iron pan + pot, silverware, wine glasses, and reusable plastic plates.

What I recommend:

  • Pillow + own blanket. Over the years of travel, anytime I can have my pillow from home, I bring it! Also, a blanket is perfect for around the fire or if the evenings get too chilly. 
  • Bath/beach towel
  • Kitchen towel
  • Mini dish soap
  • Dish scrubby
  • Picnic blanket
  • Reusable sandwich bags – these are perfect for hiking or storing snacks. 
Glamping Food


Contact your host and verify what they provide! Some hosts can provide simple cooking ingredients such as oil, salt, pepper, and condiments. Keep your meals simple and quick to prepare. Save time by washing and cutting your fruits/veggies in advance, marinating meat, and meal prepping! It’s always a good idea to have a couple of extra snacks on hand – we found ourselves reaching for them. 

I’ve created an ultimate glamping foodie guide which includes what us two gals ate for two days, a grocery list, and over 30+ glamping meal ideas. Each template comes with a blank version as well which is completely customizable and printable! 

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    Check the weather a couple of times in advance for the duration of your trip! I say a couple of times because it always seems to be changing. The key to packing is: layers! Early mornings and evenings are colder while it can be quite sunny and warm during the day. Bring both casual and trail-friendly clothing. Here is a simple packing list for you:

    Let’s start with shoes: 

    • Boots (similar) – these were my lifesaver! I wore them in the morning to walk to the river, around the site, and in the evening around the campfire. I strongly recommend rain boots if you have them. They’re easy to clean and perfect for glamping. 
    • Tennis/trail shoes
    • Slides/slip ons – perfect for walking around your tent or when you need to slip something on quickly!

    Depending on how long you will be glamping, bring a few of the each below:


    • Long sleeve shirts
    • Short sleeve shirts
    • Trail friendly tops/workout tops
    • Sweatshirt
    • Zip-up hoodie


    • Long leggings
    • Short leggings
    • Biker shorts


    • Thick socks! I brought fuzzy ones, and I slept in them!
    • Regular socks + undergarments 
    • Pajamas – my glamorous sleeping outfit included a long sleeve shirt, long legging, fuzzy socks, and a hoodie!
    • Swimsuit – if you are near a lake or river, a swimsuit is a must! We got lucky and scored with a private jacuzzi! 


    • Toothbrush + toothpaste
    • Skincare routine
    • Shower routine products
    • Sunscreen


    • Books
    • Cards
    • Board games
    • Sports: football, volleyball, soccer, badminton, etc.
    • Speaker

    Three Important Things to Remember: 

    1. Plan

    Plan your accommodations, food, and any day trips in advance. Be sure to reach out to your hose to verify what is included in your stay. Meal prep as much as you can by cooking in advance and washing/cutting fruits and veggies. 

    2. Stay Organized

    Use clear bins to store your dry goods, gear, and other essentials. Bring a backpack for clothes and hiking purposes – only take out what you need! 

    3. Clean Up

    Clean as you glamp! Pick up after yourself to keep the site clutter-free and to make your life easier when it’s time to pack up!

    That’s a Wrap! If you’re ready for a unique adventure or twist on camping, you have to try glamping – where luxury meets nature. Have you been glamping before?! I’m ready to go again!

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