How to create an Instagram Story Highlight Cover
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How to Create Instagram Story Highlight Covers

Instagram story highlight covers are a great way to step up your Instagram game! It adds a clean cohesive look to your page and creates a lasting impression on someone who is visiting your Instagram. There are several ways to add highlight covers to your page; purchase a template, pay for the story highlight covers to be made, or get creative and DIY! I recently created my own –  here is my version on how to create Instagram story highlight covers for free!

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How to create an Instagram story highlight cover

Create Instagram Highlight Covers Using Canva

STEP 1: Start by signing up or logging in to Canva. Do not worry about upgrading to premium, you can create amazing covers, pins, and stories with the free version.

STEP 2: Click on create a design in the top left-hand corner. Search Instagram Story Cover and click on the drop-down option. Canva has a handful of templates you can choose to use and pull inspiration from or you can start from scratch on the blank sheet. 

How to create a design using Canva when creating Instagram story highlight covers

STEP 3: Click on background on the left-hand side. Customize the background color and pattern to your liking. TIP: try using elements to create a unique background. For example, click on elements on the left-hand side and search dots. You can change the size and colors to add uniqueness to your background. 

Canva create a design computer screen when creating Instagram story highlight covers
This is what your screen should look like!

STEP 4: Click on elements on the left-hand side. Here you will find icons, effects, lines, stickers, and symbols to add to your highlight cover. TIP: you can change the color of the elements in the top left-hand corner. 

how to change colors of elements in canva when creating Instagram story highlight covers

STEP 5: Click on text on the left-hand side. Canva includes ready to use front combinations or you can create your own! My favorite Canva fonts: Playlist script, Lemon Tuesday, Nunito Light, and Montserrat. Also, you can search for a theme in fonts – groovy, cursive, corporate – to explore font options.

STEP 6: Duplicate your page by clicking on the highlighted icon below above your page. Scroll down and change your icons/text for each category. 

How to duplicate a page using canva when creating Instagram story highlight covers

STEP 7: Save your highlight by clicking download in the top right corner.

How to download design using canva

STEP 6: Transfer your highlight covers to your phone via Dropbox or email. 

STEP 7: Upload the highlights to your Instagram story

  1. Open Instagram and click on the highlight
  2. Click on the three little dots in the bottom right corner
  3. Select edit highlight 
  4. Click edit cover
  5. Select the image icon – this will open your gallery. 
  6. Select the highlight cover and click done

Completed Instagram Highlight Cover

Here is a quick Instagram story highlight cover I created for this post:  

Completed Instagram Story Highlight Cover using Canva
Simple but effective! It’s all about what look you’re going for!


  • Customized background color
  • Circle, Instagram icon, dots, and gradient effect from elements 
  • Fonts: Nunito Light and Montserrat 

Ta-da! I hope this is useful information and answers your questions on how to create Instagram story highlight covers!

With love,


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