How to Make the most out of 2020

How to Make the Most Out of 2020

We are halfway through 2020 and it would be an understatement to say that it has been a challenging year! All of us have spent the last six months self-isolating, adjusting to new work routines, finding new activities to keep us busy, worrying about our friends/family, and trying to stay healthy on top of it all. We have been completely thrown out of our norm, but we can’t continue like this forever. The year is not lost! It’s time to take control and make the rest of 2020 yours! 

Here are 5 opportunities to make the most out of your 2020. 

stay connected through phone, face time and letters

Stay Connected

Stay connected with your family, friends, and community! We live in a world where technology is immensely advanced and we can call our loved ones anytime. Show your support by checking in with them, sending well wishes for the day or better yet, get creative and write a letter! Also, stay connected with your community, both local and online! I have an online Instagram family and other bloggers I love to stay in contact with. The connections you create and maintain today, not only puts your heart at ease, but can help you with your future endeavors as well.

Invest in yourself to learn a new skill

Invest in Yourself

Reassess your goals and figure out what you can focus on right now! Learn a new language, take a new course, start a blog, read a new book, create an Etsy shop, or maybe you want to stick to a morning routine. Whichever it may be, you have all the time you need to invest in yourself and cultivate your growth. Most importantly, challenge yourself. Getting outside of your comfort zone is where you grow the most. Don’t be afraid of failure, no such thing here! Only learning from your mistakes and trying again.

For you to have the energy to invest in yourself, you must fuel your body with nutrients, sleep well and exercise! Be sure you are checking these three key points off every day to make sure you are ready to conquer your goals! 

Always shop local

Give Back

Small businesses are currently suffering and many of them are closing as a result of the pandemic. There are plenty of ways to support small businesses without spending money! Support local businesses in your area by sharing/liking/promoting on social media pages, leaving reviews, or spreading the word. If you have the means, buy their product or a gift card for future use, it also makes for a great gift! If you can, donate to your local food bank or shelter. There are still plenty of people in your local community who need help and support. Communities come together in the hardest of times, show your support and love for each other now! 

Road trip travels to explore city and country side


Yes, you can still travel! Although we’re not all inclined to fly right now, there are plenty of other ways to explore. Road trips are the perfect opportunity to go off the beaten path and experience different communities, some in your own backyard! Visit big cities, the countryside, or natural wonders, road-tripping gives you the freedom to explore on your own time. Try glamping for a fun twist on camping, tree-houses, cabins, wineries, and eco-friendly accommodations. You’ll be surprised at the unique stays you will find! 

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live every day and work harder towards goals

Live Everyday 

LIVE. I mean really LIVE. Wake up each morning with a positive mindset and tell yourself that it’s going to be a beautiful and productive day. Simply put, the law of attraction. Whatever you focus on, you will attract in your life. Recently, I created a vision board filled with my dreams and desires to motivate and inspire me each day. I love waking up and having a reminder of what I’m working for. Try creating your vision board as a representation of your goals and dreams. You can even create one with things you aspire to do or complete before the end of the year. 

Plan your day or week and you will have something to look forward to every day! Use a planner or your phone to create a schedule or to-do lists for yourself. There’s no better feeling than crossing a task off on your list! Lastly, write down what you’re grateful for. Come back to that list when you’re feeling unmotivated, frustrated, or sad. We tend to forget the small things in life at times. 

Take control and make the rest of 2020 yours with the 5 opportunities above. Use every day to work harder towards your goals, we all have something to look forward to. 

With love, 


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How to Make the Most Out of Your 2020


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