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7 Tips and Tricks for Working from Home

In the past few months, working from home has become a new norm of life for many of us. Due to the pandemic, employers have rolled out mandatory work from home policies and as time passes, it looks like these policies may be in effect for the remainder of the year or indefinitely for some of us. I’ve worked remotely on multiple occasions and I am here to help you successfully transition into your new home office with my 7 tips and tricks for working from home!

1. Stick to your Normal Routine

We are naturally creatures of habit; thus, when our routine is disrupted we can feel frustrated, unmotivated, and lost. If you wake up at 6 a.m., continue to wake up at 6 a.m. If you do 30 mins of yoga before you start work, continue to do your 30 mins of yoga. Mimic your routine as close as possible to remain a sense of normalcy. 

2. Over Communicate

Although your colleagues and/or boss are not down the hall or in the next door office; it is crucial to up your communication with them. Clarify what is expected from you while working from home, start your week by communicating your weekly goals via email or phone, wrap your day up with a 10 minute recap with your teammates, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure or unclear on any topic.

3. Get Dressed

Who wouldn’t want to stay in their jammies all day long? As comfortable and cozy as this sounds, it does not lead to a productive day. Don’t panic though! No need to sit in a suit or slacks all day either. Wear something that is practical, comfortable, but still makes you feel like you’re putting in effort. If you have a video conference… look put together from the waist up!

4. Limit your Distractions

While in a home office you’re susceptible to new distractions you may not have experienced before. Ensure your tv is turned off, quiet or turn off any music, let your significant other/roommates/parents know that you’re unavailable during your normal work hours. Most importantly, put your phone on do not disturb! It’s so easy for us to get distracted by an email ding and before we know it, we end up scrolling through social media, distracting ourselves from our task at hand.

5. Sit at a Table

One of my first work from home opportunities, I sat on my couch wrapped in a blanket… it’s safe to say I didn’t finish much of my work that day! Designate a spot for yourself, a dining room table works just as great as an office desk! It associates your workday with a sense of normalcy and distinguishes a work/life balance once the workday is complete. Tip: try standing or using a yoga ball! 

6. Take your Lunch + Breaks

Roaming around the office is easy; making yourself a cup of coffee, filling up your water bottle, catching up with coworkers – it gives our brains a short break. Continue this at home; get up to grab a snack, stretch your legs or do a household chore. Do not skip your lunch! Use this time to decompress, go on a walk, play music, or sneak in a workout. Skipping lunches and breaks often leads to feeling restless and burning out overtime. Always take your lunch, you deserve it!

7. Wrap Up at your Scheduled Time

If your workday usually ends at 5pm, then wrap up at 5pm. If it’s 6pm, then wrap up at 6pm. Whatever time it may be, stick to your routine, close your laptop, and put your workpapers away. Spend time with your family/kiddos, take your dog for a walk, make dinner, workout, or whatever else you wish to do. Work will be here tomorrow, yesterday’s time will not. 

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I hope these 7 tips find you well during this transitioning time. For some of us, working from home is a permanent solution to keep us all safe and healthy! Be sure to please share any tips and tricks you’ve found below.

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