• Fifth Month Blogging

    Fifth Month Blogging Report

    My fourth month blogging was my most successful with the highest page views received since I’ve started! While that was an exciting moment for me and I celebrated my accomplishments, this month has been very different. Keep reading to find out below how my fifth month of blogging evolved and hear my thoughts as I touch on the concept of time management and priorities.  Before I dive into my fifth month of blogging, check out:  First Month Blogging Report Second Month Blogging Report Third Month Blogging Report Fourth Month Blogging Report Why am I sharing blogging reports? First and foremost, I am sharing blogging reports as a way to document…

  • How to stop Procrastinating

    How To Stop Procrastinating: 5 Simple Steps

    Procrastination by definition: the action of delaying or postponing something. Many of us fall into the trap of procrastination – continuously delaying a task until it’s too late. Then, we are stuck wondering why we hadn’t started earlier which in return triggers us to feel guilty about procrastinating in the first place! Oh, what a cycle. So, how do we break the cycle and stop procrastinating? True story: I procrastinated starting a blog for YEARS. Here I am today, over four months into my blogging journey and loving every moment. My procrastination stemmed from doubt and fear, worrying about failure, and if I had the knowledge to start my blog. Truth…

  • How to Make the most out of 2020

    How to Make the Most Out of 2020

    We are halfway through 2020 and it would be an understatement to say that it has been a challenging year! All of us have spent the last six months self-isolating, adjusting to new work routines, finding new activities to keep us busy, worrying about our friends/family, and trying to stay healthy on top of it all. We have been completely thrown out of our norm, but we can’t continue like this forever. The year is not lost! It’s time to take control and make the rest of 2020 yours!  Here are 5 opportunities to make the most out of your 2020.  Stay Connected Stay connected with your family, friends, and…