Third Month Blogging Recap

Third Month Blogging Report

Another month of blogging is complete which means it’s time for my third- month blogging report! This month was incredibly motivating for me as my traffic increased 3x the amount from the previous month. Keep on reading to find out what I did and what worked for me this month.

Before I dive into my third month of blogging, check out: 

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Why am I sharing blogging reports?

First and foremost, I am sharing blogging reports as a way to document my blogging journey. I enjoy looking back at my past reports and witnessing my blogging growth, strategies, and goals. 

The purpose of these blogging reports do not serve as a comparison to other bloggers and their journey. I want to inspire and give you the resources and tools that I’ve discovered to contribute to your blogging journey. 

Lastly, these blog reports keep me accountable! I am motivated each month to reach the goals I set for myself at the end of each blogging report. 

What Did I Do This Month?


I finally made a Facebook page for my blog. Wow. I did not realize how huge and supportive the blogging community on Facebook is. I am still discovering how to increase engagement on posts; however, I have joined three blogging groups – Blogging Babes Collective, Blogging for New Bloggers, and Becoming a Blogger

The blogging groups I joined are not niche-specific, but if you’re interested, you can find those as well. Each blogging group has a weekly thread schedule to help grow your blog and social media. You can ask questions, share tools and resources, and there are plenty of opportunities for collaboration. I wrote my first guest post this month through a collaboration I found on one of the blogging groups – I will update you on the outcome! 

We are halfway through 2020 and it would be an understatement to say that it has been a challenging year! However, the…

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After two months of manually pinning on Pinterest, I finally started using Tailwind. The free version! Tailwind optimizes your posting times to ensure your pins are seen at the perfect time. Two words to describe Tailwind: convenient and a time saver. You can schedule all your pins for the week or weeks in advance, add them to tribes with one button, pin to multiple boards, and schedule top content to be automatically pinned through a smart loop feature. 

I have joined three tribes on Tailwind, two are niche specific to travel and one is a lifestyle tribe. I share all of my pins to the appropriate tribes and ensure I am following the tribe rules, usually a 1:1 pin ratio. Recently, I came across a blogger in one of my Facebook groups who was not a fan of the 90’s look of Tailwind. I’m glad I’m not the only one! Anyone else feel the same? It’s definitely different than what I thought. 


A common trend in my blogging reports is Pinterest and that’s because I love Pinterest. This month I have focused on creating 1-2 new pins for each blog post I’ve written. My pin creating skills have increased and I am learning how to create “eye-catching” pins with SEO optimized descriptions and titles. 

I’ve noticed that it’s important to brainstorm various titles for your pins as Pinterest recognizes this as new content, making your pins more visible to viewers. For example, one of my posts is titled How to Self Care at Home. My pins are titled How to Self Care at Home, Self-Care Sunday at Home, 9 Self-Care Sunday Hacks for a Productive Week, and 9 Simple at Home Self-Care Tips. All of the titles relate to the same post, but create new content for Pinterest. 

Also, I have been utilizing Pinterest templates created by myself on Canva to save time on creating new pins! I choose one day in the week to create 5-10 new pins for previous posts and the templates save me so much time. 

Most Popular Pins This Month


A couple of days ago, I resubmitted my Google Adsense application. If you recall from my previous blogging report, I mentioned that I submitted a Google Adsense application and it was denied. The application was not able to be reviewed due to COVID. I decided to wait before applying again and chose to serve ads through WordPress to familiarize myself with the process. I have earned a whopping nine cents for serving over 1,200 ads. However, I have enjoyed learning about the process and visually seeing where ads look best on my website. Lastly, I submitted my application to Share A Sale and I am awaiting the outcome. 

What Didn’t Work

As I focused on Facebook and Pinterest this month, I have been neglecting Instagram. I have been active on stories and engaging with followers; however, I am struggling to keep content alive as I am not motivated to go shoot! This week I have a small road trip planned and I’m looking forward to capturing and sharing photos from my trip.  

One of my goals last month was to post five posts in June and to create a blogging calendar for myself. I posted four posts and I have not created a blogging calendar. I missed out on the opportunity to post in the first week of June, and while I am writing this post in June, it will be posted on the first of July! Although I did not create a blogging calendar, I have been pre-planning blogging topics for the month by pulling a few ideas from my running list of topics to write about. 

I still have not started an email subscription. To be fair, I did sign up for Convertkit, I just need to bite the bullet and do it! 

Traffic and Metrics

Views: 987

Visitors: 465

My traffic has grown 3x the amount from May! This has motivated me to work harder each day this month. 

May views: 280

May visitors: 41

Social Media

Pinterest: 158 followers, 112k monthly views

Instagram: 278

Facebook: 19 likes, 20 follows

Posts This Month:

Results from May Goals

  • Create a Facebook page and familiarize myself with the features – PASS! 
  • Dive into Convertkit and create an email subscription – FAIL! 
  • Create a monthly blogging calendar – FAIL!
  • Publish 5 blog posts – FAIL!
  • 150 Pinterest followers – PASS!
  • 40k monthly Pinterest views – PASS! – I’m at 112k monthly views!!!

July Goals

  • Create email subscription – I’m going to do it! 
  • Publish 4-5 blog posts
  • 1500 pageviews
  • 200 Pinterest followers
  • 170k monthly Pinterest views
  • 50 Facebook likes

That’s a wrap on my third month blogging report! Have you reached your blogging goals this month?

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