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Best TV Shows to Binge Watch

Did someone say binge watching? That accurately describes my social distancing routine! I’m mixing the old and the new to give you a list of 11 fantastic binge worthy TV shows to watch right now and as you’ll be able to tell, I love drama, crime, thrill and suspense! 

In no particular order, here are my picks for the best TV shows to binge watch:

1. Ozark

Available on: Netflix

About: After a money laundering scheme goes wrong, financial advisor Marty Byrde must make amends with a Mexican Drug Cartel by creating larger laundering operations to keep his family safe. 

Season 3 released on Netflix – I finished the entire season in two days!

2. Designated Survivor

Available on: Netflix

After a devastating attack that claims the life of the President and most of the cabinet, Tom Kirkman who is named as the designated survivor finds himself leading the free world and adjusting to his new normal. 

3. Killing Eve

Available on: Hulu, Youtube TV

About: Eve, a british spy, is tasked with hunting down Villanelle, a psychopathic assassin. As the show evolves, the two women become mutually obsessed with each other and begin to focus less on their missions and more on their complicated relationship. 

Season 3 has been released!

4. Sneaky Pete

Available on: Amazon Prime

About: Maruis, a con man assumes the identity of his cellmate in hopes of leaving his past behind. He “reunites” with his cellmates family and desperately tries to keep his lies from backfiring while he deals with both of his identities. 

5. Billions

Available on: Hulu, Showtime, Youtube TV

About: Attorney Chuck Rhoades and hedge fund king Bobby Axelrold go head to head using their power, intelligence and influence to win the battle over billions. 

Season 5 is coming early May! 

6. Queen of South

Available on: Netflix

About: Tereza Mendoza finds herself in the drug empire after falling in love with a member of a Mexican drug cartel. After her boyfriend is murdered, Teresa successfully leads her own drug empire fighting to stay alive each day. 

7. Bates Motel

Available on: Netflix

About: Inspired by the 1960 horror film “Psycho”, Bates Motel explores the developmental years of Norman Bates and his complicated relationship with his serial killer mother. 

8. Babylon Berlin

Available on: Netflix

About: The series is based in Berlin, Germany during the Weimar Republic and follows detective Gereon Rath as he investigates and tries to dismantle one of Berlin’s largest adult film industries. While he battles his shell shock from his service during World War I, bigger conspiracies are unfolding as Soviet Rebels hijack a train. 

9. Vikings

Available on: Hulu

About: Inspired by Ragnar Lothbrok, a legendary Norse hero, Vikings follows Ragnar’s journey from his life as a farmer to successfully raiding England and becoming a Scandinavian King. The later seasons follow the fortunes of his sons as they honor their father’s legacy and try to create their own. 

10. Sons of Anarchy

Available on: Hulu

About: The series follows an outlaw motorcycle club in California; specifically, Jax Teller through his roles as a club member, president, father, and son. “Mayans M.C.” is set in a post Jax Teller world and is considered the next chapter to Sons of Anarchy. If you’re an SOA fan, it’s worth the watch! 

11. Breaking Bad

Available on: Netflix

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If you have not watched this show yet… where have you been?!?! When Walter White is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he desperately tries securing his family’s financial future by producing and selling meth out of an old RV. If you loved Breaking Bad, give “Better Call Saul” a try – the series is set pre Breaking Breaking era and tells the story of Saul Goodman, attorney for Walter White. 

Whew! My list of new shows continues to grow past these 11 must watch TV shows! Do you have any TV show recommendations?

Stay safe and healthy! 

With love, 


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