Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my blog: With Love, Meli! 

That’s me! Living my best life and feeding a Kangaroo while visiting Australia!

I’m beyond thrilled to start sharing my experiences, thoughts and stories with you all. The goal is: informative blog posts that cover lifestyle and travel. 

5 Quick Facts About Me: 

  1.  I live in the great PNW, but I am originally from Eastern Europe. 
  2. I do not travel full time; perhaps one day!
  3. My favorite place I’ve traveled to so far is Costa Rica.
  4. I live for cultural experiences; both while traveling and locally. 
  5. One of my life goals is to spread kindness and knowledge through my everyday life interactions, traveling, volunteering and writing. 

Read along as I take you with me one footprint at a time!

With love,


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New blogger sharing top blogging trips and tricks. Welcome to my new blog.


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