Second Month Blogging Report

I can’t believe two months have passed since I’ve started blogging! Perhaps the time is going by quicker due to the current state our world is in. First, I am incredibly proud of myself with my dedication to this blog and to further learn about blogging itself. The truth is, starting a blog is easy but maintaining a blog and reaching the goals of your voice being heard is the hard part. 

My goal with this blog was not to make an x amount of money but rather to share my experiences, thoughts, and knowledge with all of you. If one person finds a post on my blog useful or helpful, I feel I’ve done my part and that makes my heart happy! Would I like to earn income doing something I enjoy? Yes of course! However, I’m not here to force anything and I will continue to learn through the process; thus, when and if it happens… I’ll let you know!

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What Did I Do This Month?

First and foremost, I am sharing blogging reports as a way to document my blogging journey. I enjoy looking back and witnessing my blogging growth, strategies, and goals. 

The purpose of these blogging reports do not serve as a comparison to other bloggers and their journey. I want to inspire and give you the resources and tools that I’ve discovered to contribute to your blogging journey. 

Lastly, these blog reports keep me accountable! I am motivated each month to reach the goals I set for myself at the end of each blogging report. 

Blog Design/Appearance

Have you noticed my new logo?! I created my very own logo using Canva – it was super easy and simple. I used the blog banner dimensions, customized the logo to my linking and added to WordPress. The importance of blog design and appearance goes beyond the first impression it creates on your readers. If you have a unique and memorable logo, user-friendly design, and a decluttered blog, your readers are much more likely to come back or stay on your blog longer. 

I revisited the first couple of blog posts I wrote and updated all of them to reflect all of my current blogging knowledge. I used the Yoast SEO plugin (which I will go into detail two sections down) to assist in optimizing SEO, rechecked links, and most importantly, added headings. You are not properly adding headings to your posts if you are typing them out in a paragraph. Instead, create a heading block and choose H2 as the heading size. Yeost and Google will recognize this as a true heading and it gives your reader a pretense for what they are going to read about. 

Withlovemeli blogging logo


Last month when I wrote my “What I Learned in my First Month Blogging” post, I had 1.7k monthly views on Pinterest, and today I have grown to 18k monthly viewers! I am still manually pinning and it has become increasingly more difficult to do so as I continue to write more posts. I am considering signing up for Tailwind, but I will monitor how Pinterest progresses in the third month of blogging! 

The creativity of Pinterest posts is a crucial influence whether a user will click on your pin! The perfect pin is clear and easy to read while utilizing various fonts and text sizes. In the past month, I have recreated pins for the first couple of posts I’ve written and it has increased my traffic to those posts.

3 Day Travel Guide to Vancouver BC Canada
Created using Canva!

Lastly and most importantly, do not neglect SEO optimization in the description of your pins! In my first-month blogging post, I discussed the importance of SEO optimization in Pinterest board descriptions and I soon realized that it’s important for each pin description as well. The same rules apply: search your topic and use the keywords that pop up in your pin descriptions – Pinterest will then categorize your pin accordingly and make it more likely to be seen by users. 

Posts Per Month

In the past month, I have written three posts – I always post between Wednesday and Saturday. Ideally, I would like to be posting six posts per month; however, maintaining a full-time job, a work/life balance, and managing to find time to write is tough! I have a running list of ideas in the notes section of my phone, but I feel as if I don’t have enough time to write more frequently. I tell myself I have all the time I need and it helps me not stress out! Currently, I am exploring starting a blogging calendar to help me isolate time to write, create, and promote using social media.


At the beginning of the month, I upgraded to WordPress Business for one simple reason: plugins! I was previously using WordPress Premium and while this is a great blogging starter, it does not allow direct plugin installation. The Yoast SEO and Pin It Button are two plugins I have found to be the most useful. As a new blogger, I completely understand how frightening the word SEO is but the Yoast SEO plugin optimized meta tags, controls titles, sets keywords, and other link elements that search engines scan before presenting results to users. Yoast is a powerful plugin that will help your blog become as search engine friendly as possible!

Yoast Plugin for WordPress to help with SEO optimization for search engines such as Google
The SEO Plugin is located on the top left of the WordPress Draft.

The Pin It Button allows every image on your blog to be easily pinned to Pinterest with one simple button. I have tested a couple of different pin it buttons and this is the best one I have found. It is simple to install and use, it allows images to be easily saved to Pinterest by users and it does not slow down my blog. Remember to only install plugins that are necessary for your blog and remove ones you do not need – this will prevent your blog from slowing down. 

Pinterest Pin It Button for WordPress Blogging help and resources
Pinterest saver allows any images in your post to be easily saved to Pinterest with a simple click! 

Traffic and Metrics

Views: 280

Visitors: 41

Posts This Month

Results from April Goals

  • Start an email subscription – FAIL!
  • Set up Adsense – my Adsense submission was denied due to COVID-19. I received a message advising me it was denied due to lack of review from the impact of COVID. I think it’s a blessing in disguise as I don’t believe my blog was truly ready for Adsense – aka FAIL!
  • Explore Facebook Groups – FAIL!
  • 150-200 Pinterest followers – not quite! I currently have 110 followers! – FAIL!

Although I did not reach the goals I set, I am not letting it discourage me. I made progress behind the scenes utilizing Pinterest, plugins and enhancing my website’s appearance. 

May Goals

  • Create a Facebook page and familiarize myself with the features 
  • Dive into Convertkit and create an email subscription 
  • Create a monthly blogging calendar
  • Publish 5 blog posts!
  • 150 Pinterest followers
  • 40k monthly Pinterest views

I hope you enjoyed my second month blogging recap. Moving forward, I will continue to post monthly updates of my blogging journey – I hope to continue to create connections to you through this blog. Don’t forget to share your journey with me! 

With love,


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Second Month Blogging Report


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