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What to do at Home While Self-Isolating

Many of us are weeks leading up to months of social distancing and self-isolating already! I’ve been exploring options of what to do at home while self-isolating. I truly believe filing our time with activities that challenge us and occupy our time in a healthy way is going to be key to get through this difficult time. Perhaps you’re getting antsy, you miss the outdoors and your routine, but before you go run outside (please don’t do that), try a few of the ideas below to fill your time with purpose while you’re at home self-isolating:

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1. Organize + Declutter

  • I’m sure you’ve heard this one a lot.. organize your home, closet, garage, kitchen, etc. We are not aware of how much we hoard until we go through it. Subconsciously you don’t think you need it, but really we all do! Take a day in each section of your home and declutter. Set aside donations for when donation centers open backup and carry around a trash bag with you. 
  • Next, focus on organization. Don’t try organizing and then decluttering or doing it as you declutter, you’ll feel overwhelmed. Label and put alike items in baskets/bins; amazon has been my best friend for ordering! 
  • Rotate your Fall/Winter clothes to your Spring/Summer clothes. I keep my off-season clothes in a bin, protecting them from becoming dusty and keeping my closet clutter-free. 
  • Don’t forget: your fridge/freezer, the “clutter” drawer everyone is scared to open, cupboards/closed spaces (just because you can’t see it.. doesn’t mean the clutter is not there!)

2. Learn a New Language

  • I started learning German a couple of months ago, but fully dedicated myself this past month. I have been utilizing Duolingo, Youtube, and online worksheets/websites. Learning a new language is fuel for the brain, increases your connections, helps you gain new perspectives and opens doors for opportunity! 

3. Learn a New Craft

  • From languages to crafting! Take up drawing, knitting, painting, scrap booking.. the possibilities are endless. Do your research, order materials online, utilize blogs and Youtube to learn, and connect online with other experts or beginners of your craft!

4. Take Advantage of Free Online Courses

  • We are online now more than ever. Bloggers, authors, and influencers are releasing a ton of free, yes free, online courses/webinars. Recently, @Aggie gave away a free “Understanding Men” course with Alison Armstrong, @Heleneinbetween did a 4-part video Instagram training course, @liveloveruntravel did an Instagram live with @LisaHomsy on Pinterest for blogging and that’s just the start! Tune in to your favorite blogs, authors, Instagram accounts and take advantage of what they are offering. These people are reaching out and providing outstanding content/tips on various topics… again, take advantage! 

5. Start a Blog

  • I truly believe this is the prime time to be online. If you are blog curious, start one now! There is no better time to do it! Personally, I use and believe WordPress it’s the best; you can start a WordPress website and then upgrade to your own domain. @Heleneinbetween is a fantastic resource to use for first-time bloggers; she has all sorts of tips and tricks for starting a blog, increasing traffic and earning while blogging. 

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6. Read a New Book or Listen to a New Podcast

7. Try a New Form of Exercise

8. Try a New Recipe

9. Start a New Project and Finish It!

  • Rearrange furniture, remodel/redecorate, create a photo album, paint a picture, write handwritten letters to family/friends, hand-make gifts for when quarantine is over or create a new playlist! 

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10. Sharing is Caring!

  • Take the time and share your thoughts, pictures, stories, experiences, tips and tricks with the rest of us, including your family and friends. Trust me when I say, everyone is online looking to connect and discover something new.  

To conclude What to do at Home While Self-Isolating:

From the bottom of my heart, I hope all of you are staying safe at home and staying healthy. Have you tried any of the ideas and activities during your time at home? If you haven’t yet, try a couple and update me with your experience and what you’ve discovered. If you have any ideas, share them with me!

With love, 


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